Help is a bilingual (English-German) technical dictionary for logistics. With the help of this dictionary you can either translate or search different logistics terms in English and German. Furthermore, the dictionary contains numerous terms from the fields of traffic, transportation and material flow engineering.

It is possible to choose between a English-German or German-English query.

For translating a English term, please go to the navigation bar and choose English » G.

On this page it is possible to translate from English into German. Please enter the term you wish to translate in the text field. By clicking on "show results", all entries in the SQL-data base matching your request will be displayed. The entries displayed do not only contain the translation itself, but also information on grammar as well as examples or contexts for the correct use of the term.

If you are not sure about a term's spelling, it is possible to enter only one syllable (at least 4 letters) or a part of the term. All dictionary entries similar to your input are listed as result of your search. Max. 25 results are listed due to the data base performance.

For translating from German into English, please choose the following option in the navigation bar German » E.
The use of this option is analogue to the English-German option described above.

Users of also have the opportunity to improve and extend the content of the dictionary. For any addition, please use the contact form that is accessible by clicking on the option "Add Patch" entries.
With the help of this form you have the opportunity to propose terms of your choice for the take-over into the dictionary or to modify terms and explanations already existing. Please do not forget to give your email address so that the publishers are able to contact you in case of any uncertainties.

Thanks for your support

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